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Chattanooga Subbuteo League
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The Players

Simon Neil:
League member since: 2003
Playing since: 1967-68
Simon came to the states by way of a nearby town in the suburbs of London, England in the 1990's.
When he came, he was only able to bring a few items with him, and what few he had, were his Subbuteo set, his teams (all "heavyweight" figures, which to the old school players, was the best type of playing figure made) and other small items.
Simon and Tom first met up through a mutual friend on the golf course, and then a few days later at Simon's place for a few friendlies at Subbuteo.
Simon plays a strong defensive game, and always searching for an opportunity to pounce on a mistake in the opposition's end of the pitch.
Tom Shirley: League Founder
League member since: 1994 (original formation)
Playing since: 1981 (off and on)
Tom first started in 1981 when a trip to a Kmart (yes, Subbuteo *used* to be sold in the states in stores) sparked his interest in the game. Years passed by with the set either under a bed, or in a closet, only to appear from time to time, but it never met the trash bin in many of those parents-clean-out-the-boy's-room adventures.
In 1994, on Tom, and his wife, Nekey's, honeymoon in Honolulu, Hawaii, Tom rediscovered the game in a soccer shop. Upon his return home, he made contact with WTSC's Rick Wilcox, who at the time, was working for a company called Global Sports Marketing, which had the rights in the United States as the sole distributor of Subbuteo. From there on-in, off and on, Tom has been back at playing the game, but only to have been back at it steady since late 2001.
Tom is currently a VP for the south region of the American Subbuteo Association, and during the term 2004 to 2006. Tom also served as Secretary for the ASA before being reelected as VP.
John Reed:
League Member since: 2005
Playing since: 1980's approx.
John, like Simon, is an exPat that has been in the states for a few years, and resides in Atlanta, GA. John recently rediscovered the game, and now is becoming a more regular player. John also travelled to Savannah for his first ASA tournament in November of 2005.
John is a great player, with great touches and marking, as well as excellent goal keeping.
John Coyle:
League Member since: 2006
John, at the age of 12 discovered Subbuteo the way many americans in the early eighties did, watching Soccer Made in Germany, on PBS.  Stuff was acquried from Jokari, out of Dallas Texas.  Recruiting a few friends meant of couple years of fairly constant play, but then the game was shelved.  During graduate school, with renewed interest in soccer thanks to Sports Souths coverage of the then new Premiership, John sought the game out again, this time finding a USA 94 set.  He ran a club in Mobile AL and traveled to a few tournaments, winning a 2 or 3 along the way.  Active in the ASA, John recruited his good friend Lewis Bacon who became active as well.  Then the game was again shelved for awhile until a couple of years ago.  Via the internet, John found Tom and the Chattanooga Subbuteo league and has been an active member ever since. An avid collector and somewhat of a traditionalist, he has yet to adopt the new hockey puck-esque pro bases, preferring to use Subbuteo Parodis and Soccer 3D figures.
David Qualls
League Member since: 2009
David was introduced to the game back in 1981 as a longtime childhood friend of Tom. David recently played with Simon and Tom, along with honorary member Eddie Davidson in April 2009, and likes the game enough to continue on a league member in the future.
Honorary Members:
Trey Brown
Lewis Bacon-Homewood Subbuteo League
Eddie Davidson
Former members:
Andy Harris: 1994-95
Dac Guy: 1994-95
Jonathan Cobb: 2004-05
Josh Sundheim: 2007-08
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